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Pigments for rubber

As one of the leading organic pigment manufacturer in China, Crown pigment produces full ranges of organic pigment including pigments for rubber, pigments for inks, pigment for coatings, pigment for plastics, and pigments for paints.

Most rubber industries all over the world use organic pigments in their production. Crownpigment offers you with pigments for rubber that will bring different properties to your products like durability, resistance against heat and light-fastness.

In rubber products, different types of Pigments are applied that’s why we produce different pigments colors. Some of the Pigment for rubber colors we produce include Pigment green, Pigment Red, Pigment yellow and Pigment blue. Our annual productivity of organic pigments is 60,000 tones, it ensures a stable supply chain of pigments for rubber.

We manufacture organic Pigments that give a perfect solution to all our clients. Our Pigments for rubber is passed through a series of lab testing. These tests confirm that our Pigments don’t contain incompatible metals that may cause destabilization in your rubber material. We use a migration test to determine if our Pigment will cause the rubbers to fade, its color to run or bleed into other surfaces. This test employs a range of our different Pigment concentration applied to a standard white rubber sheet. The pigment sheet is quickly vulcanized under hot steam exposure. We then place a cotton material against the colored rubber to ascertain if the color has bled or not. The study shows most rubbers are influenced by temperature changes. The pigments for rubber are recommended in the rubber industry so as to withstand certain heat ranges.

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