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Pigments for plastics

Crownpigment provides an extensive range of high-quality performance organic pigments. The organic pigment ranges include pigments for plastics, pigments for coatings, pigments for inks,  pigments for paints and pigments for rubber.

As a professional organic pigments manufacturer, our pigments for plastics colors including pigment yellow, pigment red, pigment green, pigment orange, and pigment blue.

The pigments for plastics is applicable for plastic colorants and some other masterbatch polymer granulates. The pigments for plastics will optimize your product performance like durability, resistance against heat, light reinforcement capacity, etc., hence reduce your material cost.

Our pigments for plastics are well received by plastic manufacturers both domestic and abroad market. We are not only producing pigments for plastics but also working closely with our customers so as to provide specific coloration solutions according to different projects.

Where a high demand for the appearance of plastic materials is needed, varied pigments for plastics are required. If you are plastics producer or plastics factory, you can rest assured to find high-performance pigment for plastics according to your needs.


We are an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of organic pigments. The strict QC system endorses our pigments for plastics to provide streak-free coloring on injection molding machines, counter-rotating twin screw extruders, and mixer dosing applications.

The full range of pigments for plastics will ensure meet your requirements: like coloring PVC pipes, vinyl coverings, gutters, roof profiles, fiber, film machine cladding, etc. Whether it is a standard product or a tailor-made you can rely on our pigments for plastics to color it. You will be no headache for concerning of causing any environmental effect or health hazards to the living.

Normally, once you place an order, a tutorial on how to use the pigments will be provided to your side. Usually, one order running time is 7 days for processing. Free sample is available. Small quantity trial order is welcomed as well.

If you want to learn more about pigment for plastics and other organic pigments, please kindly feel free contact us.

Or no order, we will be always here for you.

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