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Pigments for Paints

Crownpigment is a strong expanding company in the production of pigments for paints from China. We have invested huge amounts of resources in the manufacture of pigments for paints. We are extremely strong in the manufacture of organic pigments with very stable quality and a competitive price. We are the very few companies in China that work 24/7 to provide you with the best pigment for paints. We produce our own pigment intermediates from which we produce our organic pigment in different colors.

We are engaged in offering an extensive range of pigments for paint, which is available in different colors including pigment red, pigment green, pigment yellow, pigment blue, etc.

For over 30 years we have invested heavily in improving our processes to deliver the best pigments for paints, so as to meet the increasing market challenge.

We have grown in understanding our customer’s exact needs and requirements thereby providing a world-class solution to most paint industries.

Our Pigments for paints have special features including small particle size, safe and easy to use, effectiveness, non-toxic and environment-friendly.

The aim of painting an object or material is to decorate it as well as increasing its durability. R&D plays a key role in Crownpigment Company. We work hand in hand with universities and chemical research institutions to get recent information about Pigments for paints production. In regards to pigment for paints, Crownpigment provides the best possible fit for your requirement.

The pigments for paints provides the most lively and vibrant color solutions for your projects.

The pigments for paints would make your branded paint fade-resistant and endure a lifetime in a tough environment.

If you are the pro user/producer of paints, our pigment for paints would be a great choice for your alternatives.

Our pigments are normally available in 25Kg bags with inside double poly liner. We also provide special packaging sizes which suit your requirements. We do ship the pigments for paints to your destination upon you required.

You are welcomed to visit us for consulting pigments for paints and other full range of organic pigments.

Your high-end color applications will find solutions from us.

Contact us now and we are standby for your requirement.

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