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Pigment yellow 83

Pigment yellow 83 is also referred to as organic pigment P.Y. 83, it is within the pigment yellow family at Crownpigment.

Pigment yellow 83 is offered in powder format, its appearance is a somewhat green-yellow shading, which makes it unique compared to the other yellow Pigments.

We have been in the domain of organic pigment for more than 30 years.

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The pigment yellow 83 and other organic pigment are offered in the form of organic pigment powder.

The organic yellow pigment powders are finely ground, so as to ensure a super tint strength.

Pigment yellow 83 performs very well on light fastness test.

 According to your different applications, pigment yellow 83 is features of middle transparent, high opacity, high transparent.

Color yellow 83 simply like all another pigment yellow, it is utilized to produce industrial paints, inks, plastics, and rubbers.

From sample to bulk order, you will get an instructional guideline on how to use the pigment yellow 83 and other organic pigments at your side production.


The pigment yellow 83 and other organic pigment have good sales on both the domestic and overseas market. Positive feedback from our worldwide buyers shows our pigment yellow 83 and other organic pigments are of superb quality.

We are a middle-sized organic pigment manufacturer, so we can keep stable productivity all the time. Meanwhile, our factory shows full concern over environmental protection as well. We care about the environment, we care about the quality of pigment yellow 83 and other organic pigments, we care about your concern.

We are aimed to be the best organic pigment producer you can ever find in China.

You will get support from our rich-experienced technician team and long term R&D laboratory base on 24/7.

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