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      Pigment Violet

      CrownPigment.: Reliable Organic Pigment Violet Expert

      Crownpigment is the manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of the high-quality organic pigment. We are driven to offer superb pigment violet for the color solution market.

      Crownpigment provides pigment violet with the color index number of PV3.

      Pigment Violet is a type of organic compound that is used as a pigment and vat dye. It is a bright, blue shade violet with outstanding brilliant color purity and good tinting strength. Pigment violet is usually recommended used in water-based inks, water coating, textiles printing.


      Pigment violet is produced as organic pigment powder. The finely ground powder particles ensure the super purity and tint strength of pigment violet.

      Pigment violet is quite low in oil absorption which is under 50ml/100g

      Pigment violet is a high value for the property of light-fastness: 5.

      Pigment violet heating temperature: 150℃.

      Pigment violet oil absorption: ≦50ml/100g

      Pigment violet PH value: 6 – 7.

      Pigment violet has excellent performance for properties of acid-resistivity

      Pigment violet has perfect alkali-resistivity as well.


      Our wide-experienced technician team ensures to provide your pigment violet superb in quality. Crownpigment keeps improving the pigment violet quality ever and getting involved in ever-changing color solutions in the market.

      Under the ISO900 system structure, your order of pigment violet, whatever it is sample order or bulk quantity, would be produced under a consistent production standard to meet you and every other buyer’s pigment violet requirement.

      Our annual large scale production of 60000+tons ensures your pigment violet order price competitive.

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