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Pigment Violet 3

Pigment Violet 3

Crownpigment ltd specializes in producing high-value organic pigments in China. We are famous for Pigment violet 3 production and supply. Pigment Violet 3 from Crownpigment has a density of 1.40g/cm3 and a pH value of 6-8. Its physical appearance is clean shade violet powder. We have over 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of organic pigments.

All our pigments are manufactured with graded synthetic materials, dispersing agents, and other additives. Our annual production of pigments is 60,000 tonnes above. Over the years we have been able to establish ourselves with as a prominent figure in the pigment manufacture industry. We also deal with the production of other organic pigments like Pigment Red 8, pigment blue 15, pigment green 7, etc. Our Pigments are accordant to different quality request such as water-based ink, offset ink, etc. More than 90 % of our productivity is exported overseas. Our customer’s profile includes manufacturers and consumers.

Our Pigment violet 3 is used for coloration of plastic granules, offset, paints, dry colors, rubber, and other textile industries. Using our Pigment powder one can produce all types of paints and coloring material. We are very aware of our buyer’s requirement. We have successfully innovated our products to meet their requirements. Customer’s satisfaction is our responsibility. Our Presence in most China markets offers unlimited opportunities for widening our business horizon. We pack the Pigment violet 3 powder in different sizes depending on the customer’s specification. We work closely with universities and research institution to provide us with recent info about pigment production. We have our own lab testing equipment for organic pigment manufacture. Our customers can have various choices from our various organic pigments. We offer guidelines to our valued customers on how to apply the pigment without wastage.

Our valued customers can be assured of constant service from us. Welcome to Crownpigment Company and get the best of our products.