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  • Synthetic Organic Compound

Pigment Red 57.1

Crownpigment your premium manufacturer of Pigment Red 57.1. Crownpigment Company has been manufacturing organic pigments for over 30 years. We are based in China that’s where you can get us. Pigment Red 57.1 is also called Lithol Rubine. Over the years we have been able to retain our production yield of about 60,000 tones annually. Our Pigment Red 57.1 is characterized by light fastness, high tinting strength, insoluble in water, small particles, etc. We have laboratory equipment for testing the organic pigment properties.

You can use the Pigment Red 57.1 in offset inks, in making paints, plastics, and textile coatings. We pack the Powder in bags of different sizes depending on how many tones you have ordered. The minimum order you can make is 1 Ton. The price of one Ton ranges from US$ 5.5 – 6.5. You can make payments through PayPal, WeChat, Screw or direct banking. We also allow our customers to choose their payment periods whether it’s on delivery, with an order or credit card. Our delivery systems take between 15-20 days after you make an order. We have also developed a shipment program for customers who reside outside China. Furthermore, we also offer tutorials on the use of the Pigment Red 57.1.

We have our own technical team with wide experience in the field of organic pigment manufacture. Our Company is ISO approved in the manufacture of quality organic pigments. We welcome customers from all over China and overseas to buy from us. Our aim is to ensure stable Pigment productivity with competitive pricing. We have employed a customer support team that works 24/7 online in replying your queries and receiving orders. From prototype to bulk order we shall give you overall advice for your project. Visit our website at www.crownpigment.com to learn more about different organic pigments. You can also make an order of Pigment Red 57.1 and we will deliver within our time schedule.