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Pigment Red 48.1

Pigment Red 48.1 is a red organic powder under the class of organic pigments. It is manufactured by Crownpigment Company based in China. We have been manufacturing organic pigments for over 30 years. Our annual productivity as a company is of about 60,000 tonnes and above. At Crownpigment, we manufacture high-quality pigment Red 48.1 with the best properties. We also manufacture other organic pigments like pigment Red 21, Pigment Red 57, Pigment Red 170 etc.

Pigment Red 48.1 is recommended for water-based inks, water-based paint, and textile printing. Crownpigment is a registered company with ISO certification to produce pigments.

Generally, we can package our Pigment on 25 KGS compound bags with the fumigated free pallet. We also fasten the bags with at least three layer wrapping film. The Pigment bags are again covered with some large cartoons to ensure stability during transportation.

Our delivery time is within 10-15 days after receiving your order. You can pay on delivery, on order or on credit terms. The payments can be made using WeChat payment method, PayPal, screw or even direct banking. Our sales are available for you 24/7.

We also provide free Pigment samples and also tutorials on how to use pigment Red 48.1. Furthermore, we make sure we update our market information and prices in real time. As Crownpigment it is our responsibility to satisfy you. We also have responsible departments that provide you with clearance documents after buying from us.

Shine with Pigments from Crownpigment Company. If you are in need of Pigment Red 48.1 with the best properties please contact us and we will deliver. For any inquiries about our Pigments visit our website at www.crownpigment.com . You can also send us an invoice or leave a comment on our website about our services. Welcome to cheap wholesale Pigment Red 8 from our Company.