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Pigment Red 21

Pigment Red 21 is an organic compound. It is also referred to as Pigment Scarlet powder. It is manufactured at Crownpigment Company. Crownpigment Company is based in China. Crownpigment Company is your premier manufacturer of Pigment Red 21. We have over 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of organic pigments.

Our annual productivity of approximately 60,000 tons of Pigment Red 21 can assure you of stable supply. Our Pigment Red 21 production is strictly carried on according to ISO 9001 standards. We are also enterprise management systems certified in the manufacture of organic pigments. Our Pigment Red 21 is manufactured using well-selected ingredients.

We precipitate our organic pigment with an acid in the presence of water. Pigment Red 21 is applied in Paints, inks, dyes, and coatings. We normally pack the Pigment Red 21 powder according to your specifications. If you want your powder to be packed according to different shapes, sizes, and materials we normally do that. We have our own lab testing equipment to ensure we produce the best Pigment Red 21. We normally collaborate with different universities and research institutions for information on the chemical study.

All of this is to ensure we manufacture superior quality Pigments with innovative development. Our valued customers can be assured of a constant supply of Pigment Red 21 for their various applications. If you are in need of high-quality Pigment Red 21 at Crownpigment we got you covered.

Very important to say we offer exclusive shipment services to customers who reside outside China. Furthermore, we also provide you with tutorials on how you are going to apply the Pigment Red 21.

You can rely on us to offer you high-quality Pigment Red 21 at affordable pricing. Our aim is to ensure the continued manufacture and supply of Organic Pigments. You can find us on our website at www.crownpigment.com or call us on +86133-8280-4889.

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