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CrownPigment.: Reliable Organic Pigment Orange Expert

CrownPigment, we are one of the leading manufacturers and organic pigment powder in China. One of our strength organic pigment is pigment orange. We mainly provide an organic orange pigment with a color index number of pigment orange 13 and pigment orange 14.

Our pigment orange is very good in quality and competitive in price.

We strictly apply the ISO9000 enterprise system to execute the whole factory management both in the production and quality control section. We exactly inspect every lot of the pigmented orange to maintain a stable quality over the years.

Our large scale production of organic pigment ensures our pigment orange competitive in price all the time. Meanwhile, Crownpigment keeps close relationships with different chemistry institute to keep the product improving all the time.

Pigment orange is the color between yellow and red on the spectrum of visible light. It is a very bright, brilliant pigment. Pigment yellow can act as a good absorption media for the other wavelengths of visible light and transmitting or scattering the orange wavelengths as the application requires. The pigment orange is widely used in powder coatings, water-based ink, textile printing, industrial paints, plastics, and rubber industry.


Pigment orange is insoluble and it is normally applied as finely ground solid particles (instead of solutions), with a liquid. Pigment orange has very good tint strength and strong color covering power.

Pigment orange was produced inorganic pigment powder, which is easy for packing, easy for shipping and easy for reselling.

Pigment orange is a high value for the property of light-fastness: 4~6.

Pigment orange heating temperature is 180~ 200℃.

Pigment orange oil absorption is usually under 50ml/100g.

Pigment orange PH value usually maintains PH within 4~6.

Pigment orange has supper performance for properties of acid-resistivity and perfect alkali-resistivity.

Our production for pigment orange is stable, our quality for pigment orange is super, our price for pigment orange is good.

Welcome to contact us to get suitable color solutions of pigment orange for booming your business.