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Pigment Orange 34

Crownpigment Company is a prime manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Pigment orange 34. Pigment orange 34 is manufactured in powder form. It portrays some excellent properties like long shelf life, purity, and exact composition. Pigment orange 34 has a pH value of 6-8, water resistance and oil resistance of 50%.  We are based in China but our services are offered globally for over 30 years.

Our Pigment orange 34 is used as a raw material in various industries like plastic, rubber, textile, ink, paint and coating industries.  Apart from orange 34 we also major in the production of other organic pigments like Pigment orange 13, pigment blue 15, pigment yellow, pigment red, violet, etc. The offered organic pigments are processed at our processing unit by using top-notch ingredients. Our qualified experts test these pigments on assorted parameters so at to make certain of its standards range. Pigment orange 34 is obtainable in different packaging options as per the needs of the customers. We can produce over 60,000 tons of organic pigments yearly.

Our minimum order quantity you can make is 100kgs. We also offer our customers free samples of about 250 grams. We pack our pigments in flexible cartons, bags, containers, and drums for effective transportation. Our delivery period is between 10-15 days after an order is made. For those customers residing within China, we can deliver your pigment within 2 days after making the order. We have pollution treatments plants to ensure that we minimize environmental pollution. We are totally determined and committed to customer satisfaction.

We provide reliable products and services at competitive pricing. Your requirement is our concern. You can make an order now and we will deliver Pigment orange 34 within our delivery schedule. You can find us on our website www.crownpigment.com