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      Pigment Green(Phthalocyanine green) Super Quality

      CrownPigment.: Reliable Organic Pigment Green Expert

      CrownPigment is dedicated to offering the good quality and cost-saving organic pigments to meet the ever increasing market requirements of the organic pigment applications ranges paint, coating, textiles, inks, plastics, and rubber industries.

      Pigment green is also known as Phthalocyanine green G. It is a type of intense, brilliant crystalline synthetic organic pigment from the group of phthalocyanine dyes.

      What Phthalocyanine green provided from CrownPigment is Phthalocyanine green P.G.7.

      With over 30years organic pigment production experience, we can provide stable quality pigment green(phthalocyanine green) for the demanding market.

      All the production of our pigment green(phthalocyanine green) was strictly under the procedure requirement of ISO900 enterprise system, which, make our ISO900 pigment green(phthalocyanine green) quality good and productivity stable.

      Crownpigment has been in the organic pigment domain devoted to manufacturing, R & D over 30years, has stabilised good relationships with different institutes both in domestic and cooperated customer. So our pigment green(phthalocyanine green) quality is always keeping improving and competitive.

      pigment green(phthalocyanine green) is a kind of soft finely ground green organic pigment powder, it is insolvable with water.

      pigment green(phthalocyanine green) has very good tinting strength.

      pigment green(phthalocyanine green) is well performed for the property of lightfastness with 4~5.

      Pigment green(phthalocyanine green) heating temperature can be 160~200℃.

      Pigment green(phthalocyanine green) is not solvable in water, so it has low oil absorption within 40~55ml/100g.

      Pigment green(phthalocyanine green) PH value maintains as 6~8.

      Pigment green(phthalocyanine green) is highly stable, it is perfectly resistant to acid, alkali, and UV.


      Pigment yellow (organic yellow pigment) are often used in the applications including coating, industrial paint, powder coating, textile printing, inks, and plastics as well.

      You are welcomed to contact us to get suitable color solutions of Pigment green(phthalocyanine green)

      for your business.

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