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Pigment green 7

Pigment Green 7

Pigment green 7 also referred to as phthalo green is water dispersed organic Pigment. It is manufactured by Crownpigment ltd based in China. We have been in the manufacturing industry of organic pigments for over 30 years. Our Pigment green appears as a green powder which is insoluble in water. It is likely to behave as a weak base in aqueous solution.

For over the years we have been able to maintain annual production of 60.000 tonnes and above. Our Pigments are manufactured using the high-quality raw material to give excellent performance. We deliver organic pigments that are of optimum quality standards. Our Pigment green powder is characterized by features such as cost-effectiveness, good print mileage, maximum afterlife, maximum durability, etc. From the process, development to commercial manufacturing, we focus the right resources to provide the highest level of service and quality.

At Crownpigment, we follow very well-defined quality policies to help us ensure that our pigments are in accordance with international quality standards. It is our responsibility to have a clean safe environment during the production of these organic pigments. Apart from Pigment green 7, we also manufacture other organic pigments like Pigment orange, pigment blue, pigment red, pigment yellow, etc. Welcome to Crownpigment and choose the Pigment of your prevalence. Pigment Green 2 is widely used as a raw material in the paint industry, ink industry, textile industry, plastic industry, coating industry, paper, and rubber industry, etc. We offer this Pigment green 7 in excellent packaging option to ensure safe transportation. We also offer short tutorials and guidelines on how to handle the pigment powder.

Our aim is to ensure continuous production and supply of Pigment Green 7. If you are in need of Pigment Green 7, please contact us and we will deliver. You can visit our website at www.crownpigment.com and explore different organic pigments we produce.

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