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Pigment Blue 15.3

Pigment Blue is a blue powder which belongs to the class of copper Phthalocyanine blue. It is manufactured by Crownpigment Company among other Companies in China. At Crownpigment we deliver high-quality Pigment Blue 15.3 with excellent properties for your application. Our Pigment is transparent, has mill base viscosity, excellent dispersion, low abrasion value, etc.

Crownpigment also deals in the manufacture of other organic Pigments like Pigment Red, Pigment Yellow, and Pigment Green, etc. We have been manufacturing organic for over 30 years.

Pigment Blue 15.3 is used as a raw material for manufacturing; paints, printing inks, rubber, stationery, textiles, detergents, plastics, etc. Crownpigment has grown drastically because of high-qualified management, methodologies and understanding our customer needs. Currently, with the help of our manufacturing facility, we have been able to manufacture over 60,000 tones annually. Through our innovative and rigorous quality Pigments as well as our R&D team we have been able to deliver solutions that help our clients in attaining success within diverse markets. We are totally determined and committed to our customer’s satisfaction by providing reliable pigments at competitive prices.

We believe in constant improvements in our products to support our customers in staying ahead and be competent in their area of expertise. Crownpigment continuously invests in improved packaging process to satisfy quality requirements in the Pigment industry. We have advanced the design of our packaging solutions to ensure you receive the vital packaging handling information. Our delivery systems are efficient and no delays in delivery have ever been reported by our valued customers. For over the years our Pigments have been accepted and appreciated on a global scale.

If you are in need of high-quality Pigment Blue 15.3 please contact us. You can also visit our website to explore different organic pigments we produce. Our aim is to be the largest supplier of organic pigments in the world.