CrownPigment is committed to providing quality and cost-effective organic pigments to meet the growing market demand for organic pigment applications in the coatings, coatings, textiles, inks, plastics and rubber industries.

CrownPigment is often developed to produce organic pigment yellow (organic yellow pigments) for more than 30 years.

CrownPigment strictly implements the ISO900 corporate system procedures to ensure smooth and stable overall production of organic pigment yellow.

CrownPigment has an experienced technical team and has established long-term research and development relationships with universities and research institutes, so it is always possible to ensure that organic pigment yellow (organic yellow pigment) is of good quality and continuous improvement.


Pigment yellow (organic yellow pigment) is produced in the form of organic pigment powder. The organic yellow pigment powder is finely ground to ensure superior coloring power.

Pigment Yellow (Organic Yellow Pigment) has a variety of shades of blue, red, mid-tone and yellow tones.

Pigment Yellow (Organic Yellow Pigment) excels in light resistance tests with 4 to 6 properties.

Pigment yellow (organic yellow pigment) can withstand heating temperatures of 160 to 200 °C.

Pigment yellow (organic yellow pigment) oil absorption is controlled between 40~55ml / 100g.

The pH of the pigment yellow (organic yellow pigment) is usually maintained between 6 and 8.

Pigment Yellow (Organic Yellow Pigment) has excellent acid resistance and perfect alkali resistance.

Pigment Yellow (Organic Yellow Pigment) is suitable for a variety of applications including rubber, industrial coatings, powder coatings, textile printing, inks, and plastics.

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