is applied in the printing of inks. It is also resistance to alkali and does not contain barium making it appropriate for the manufacture of textile printing materials. Pigment Red 22 made by Crownpigment can also be used in making colored pencils used by artists.

As a recognized Pigment Red 22 manufacturer in China, we pack our products to reflect your own needs. You can easily differentiate our Pigment Red 22 from the other manufacturers through our unique style of packaging which reflects your needs. Pigment Red 22 can be packaged in different quantities to meet all your requirements. If you want us to manufacture your customized Pigment Red 22, we can still carry it out for you and pack it according to your own needs.

At Crownpigments we have annual productivity of 30,000 tonnes each year. Each of our products such as Pigment Red 22 goes through our equipped labs before releasing it to the market. This has made Crownpigments to remain relevant in the marketplace for over 30 years.

The Crownpigment customer support desk is open 24/7 and we can provide you with any technical support that you need. The customer support desk is responsive and we will respond promptly to direct you on how you can place quotation or any other questions about our products.