CrownPigment offers high quality and cost-effective organic pigments to meet the variety of needs in organic pigment applications.

Pigment red refers to organic red pigment.

CrownPigment focuses on organic red pigment research and development since our founder started the very first small family factory in the early 1990s. Over 30years, we have grown up as a large-scale organic pigment powder manufacturer in China, we are still put emphasis on the production of pigment red (organic red pigment).

Owing to our organic pigment technician and sales team endless efforts, Crownpigment has been ranked in the top 5 biggest organic pigment manufacturers in China. Today we have set up several long-term R&D relationships with different universities and institutes to keep our organic pigment competitive in quality and pricing as well.

Pigment red (organic red pigment) has very good tint strength due to the pigment powder particles has been ground extremely finely under the strict procedure.

Pigment red (organic red pigment) has different shades including blue shade and yellow shade.

Pigment red (organic red pigment) has very good performance in the test of lightfastness with 4~6.

Pigment red (organic red pigment) can endure the heating temperature from 180~200℃.

Pigment red (organic red pigment) oil absorption is controlled under 50ml/100g.

The PH value of Pigment red (organic red pigment) usually is within 6~8.

The Pigment red (organic red pigment) has super resistance against both alkali and acid.

The Pigment red (organic red pigment) are suitable for different applications including rubber industrial, industrial paint, powder coating, textile printing, inks, and plastics.

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