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Crownpigment Co.,Ltd . Your competent manufacturer for organic pigments.

We are one of the leading and high-reputed organic pigment manufacturers in China.

For more than 30years, Crownpigment has been a reputed name for innovative color solutions of organic pigment manufacturer, research and development, with a product lineup range from Azo pigment to Phthalocyanine over 100kinds. Our annual productivity of over 60.000tons can assure you of stable supply organic pigments.

Crownpigment owns a group of technician team with wide experiences in the field of the organic pigment. We have our own first-class in-house lab testing equipment for organic pigment production. All of our organic pigment production was strictly carried on according to ISO9001 enterprise management system. We have long cooperation terms with different universities on different chemical subject research and study. All of this ensures our organic pigment a superior quality and keeping innovative development.

Our customer can have various choices from our over 100 kinds of series pigment including pigment yellow, pigment red, pigment orange, pigment blue, pigment green, pigment violet, azo pigment, and phthalocyanine pigment etc. Our valued customers can be assured of constant service from us for their organic pigment applications like industries of paint, ink, plastics, coating, textile printing, and rubber.

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30years Research and Manufacturing Experience for Organic Pigment

  • Wildly recognized by the market
  • 30year+ organic pigment experience
  • Competitive Pricing & Stable Productivity
  • 24/7 Technician Support Team Guaranteed
  • R&D closely with your organic pigment Project.
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Certified Organic Pigment Manufacturer for Your Projects

As an ISO9000 certified factory, crownpigment strictly applies strict quality control over the whole factory organic pigment production procedure. Our organic pigment has passed different tests accordingly European union testing standard.

All of our organic pigments are produced in powder format. So the organic pigments powder are easier for packing, storing and reselling, and most importantly the organic pigment powder is easier for air or seaworthy shipment.

Owing to our large-scale organic pigment productivity, our organic pigment are very competitive in pricing. You can rely on us to offer you high-quality organic pigment and affordable pricing in all kind of organic pigment we produced.

Crownpigment can do most of the organic pigment shipment timely. Crownpigment is the leading enterprise in the domain of organic pigment and we have owned advanced water treatment equipment in the factory. We are rarely affected by the local environment rule, thus, our organic pigment production can be guaranteed.

Our product of organic pigment powder has been recognized by our partners from different countries all over the world. We would like to closely work with you to supply the organic pigment with good quality consistency competitive pricing in the long term. You are welcomed to join this big family.

What Distinguishes CrownPigment

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Project Support
Our experienced support team will give you comprehensive and professional advice for your project
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R&D Support
From prototype to bulk order, we shall give an overall support
plastic pigments
Strict QA System
We strictly execute full control over each step of the manufacturing process
Pigments for printing inks
Series Production
All the organic pigments processes shall be coordinated perfectly
organic pigments for paints
On-Time Delivery
In the house fabrication guarantee a just-in-time organic pigments delivery
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Team Work
We will check and adjust your project parameters in our calibration laboratory and work with you as one team

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